The Tellus Academy GmbH is a private academy for adult education with the knowledge gained over many years: “Education reduces poverty.” Learning must be fun and taught with heart and common sense. Our logo shows a person, who is inspired by education with competence and heart. 

All customers are picked up exactly at their needs and the necessary measures are clarified and decided together according to the in-house L.I.S.A.® method. Tellus Academy GmbH gives support instead of paternalism, gives respect and appreciation instead of ignorance. 

Of course, the foundations for our work are the fundamental rights of our country and human rights. We maintain the appreciative and respectful approach in dealing with all people in our company: 

  • Clients, customers and contractors 
  • Permanent and freelance employees 
  • Partners and collaborations. 

Affected by this is related behavior such as customer orientation, business management, dealing with employees, working methods and techniques, communication, social competence, confidentiality, quality management and feedback. 

The goal of Tellus Academy GmbH is the continuing education and training. to people when needed a new orientation for the private and professional life is given. 

We don’t discriminate. We love what we do. Everyone is welcome to join us who wants to grow. Coaching is for everyone, young and old alike. Our goal is to give the best possible support to each participant. Our task in coaching is to identify/illuminate possible causes with our competence, experience and intuition. Then we convey to the participant in a way that is understandable to him the content that is important to him, so that he can begin to change his life. 

Our motto “Education reduces poverty – Education reduces Poverty” shows our attitude towards education. Our society has evolved into a knowledge and information society. Knowledge and information today and in the future will be obtained more and more from the Internet. As many people as possible must be brought into this new society. This is only possible if people are taught how to evaluate information on the one hand, and motivated to learn throughout their lives on the other. 

The means and methods used are applicable in both face-to-face and digital 1:1 coaching or training of a small group. Each form of information transfer is based on the knowledge of adult education and taking into account individual needs (professional, health, communication). For this purpose, different tools such as literature, information from the Internet (including learning to find relevant information) and aptitude tests are used.