At Tellus Academy GmbH we are a team of experienced coaches. This experience is on the one hand a solid education as a coach, and on the other hand experience in a wide variety of industries, positions, functions and hierarchies in the professional world. All coaches in the house are committed to a code of honor:

  1. Observance of human rights
  2. Respect and appreciation of the people who come to us
  3. Working according to the L.I.S.A. Method®.

What is the task of a coach?

First and foremost, a coach is a companion and sparring partner for the client. Knowledge and experience are gladly passed on if necessary. Paternalism is definitely not one of our tasks. We talk to you, give impulses and offer the development of a new orientation towards work and life.

We offer coaching

  • for young people on their way into life
  • for new orientation in (professional) life
  • for executives and project managers
  • for professionals (a lot of industry knowledge available)
  • Coaching for private and business